"When the well is dry, we know the worth of water." - Benjamin Franklin

We just completed the drilling our first well on the property! The good news is that we have water! In our quest to create a farm, we have been looking for three things:

  • Sun
  • Soil
  • Water (Drinking and Irrigation)

We had sun, soil  and irrigation  water but our property lacked a safe well. The exiting well tested with arsenic which existed in the natural stone. It is important to get well water tested. We used advice from the well company along with data from the USDA's Web Soil Survey Site  to find a second area to try and drill a new well.

We hired the drilling company Clouser Drilling to dig the well and they did a great job. They were professional, on time and informative, we could not have done it with out them.

Finally the Oregon Water Resources Department has a very good book free book on managing ground water: Well Owner Water Handbook. This is a great resource for anyone who has to rely on well water for their homes or farms. This educational booklet provides information on groundwater, well construction, resource protection, well maintenance and much more.

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